Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links’ Storyline

The duel links features the characters from the yu-gi-oh duel monster anime. The visual reality is created by the Seto Kaiba in the name of the “Duel World” and the player need to collect the optimum duelists so that they can fight with the other games developers. The players of this game have the option to play as either Seto Kaiba or Yami Yugi. As the players continue to win the duels then they can unlock the other characters including the character the player did not choose at the beginning of the game. The game uses the original rules of the trading card game with the few modifications. Players have the following. They are.

  • 4000 Life points
  • Main phase 2 is removed in the game
  • Number of monsters is there and the sell places are reduced
  • The characters present in the game have their own skills which will affects the game in different manner

At the early stage of the yu-gi-oh duel monsters anime they released the card sets. As the player wins the duels they get the level up and they receives the variety of rewards including the coins, gems, stones and the new cards. The players can exchange the coins and stones for getting the new cards through the card trader, while they can use the gems in the store for purchasing the new card packs. It also has the tool named yu-gi-oh Duel Links hack where you can download the unlimited gems and the coins for purchasing the rate cards and for unlocking the character.

The yu-gi-oh game also includes the PvP mode where the players can duel with the real time with the friends and as well as they can participate in the random matches with the players around the world. The special events will be occurring only for the limited amount of time providing you the variety of opportunities to win the rate cards. Such first event was the appearance of the yugi muto who provided the opportunity to win the rare cards like gandora, the destruction of dragon. The upcoming task was the toon world with the prospect to unlock Maximilian Pegasus and its giants. On the other hand the toon world experience was delayed due to the some issues on the server.

Online Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Hack generator

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  • Can generated the unlimited coins
  • You no need to download or install any programs or software
  • It updates system automatically
  • The tool is tested and undetectable.
  • This tool is very simple to use and it has a user friendly interface.
  • No download is needed and the tool is accessible for 24/7.
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By using the yu-gi-oh Duel Links hack tool the players can generate the free card packs, coins and the gems by giving your username of the yu-gi-oh Duel Links account. After that you must specify that how much of gems and thee coins you need and then click the generate button and when you login into your account you will be having the generated resources which can be used in the game. This online generator tool is of 100% compatible with all Smartphone.

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