Top 5 Playstation Greatest Hits

Sony’s first console, the Playstation was one of the best selling videogame systems of all-time. Accordingly, the Playstation was home to some of the greatest games ever created. The games that sold well were repackaged with the “Greatest Hits” label and sold at a discounted price. Here are the top ten Greatest Hits games for the Playstation.

10. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
Publisher: SCEA, Developer: Naughty Dog, Release Date: October 31, 1998, ESRB Rating: E
The Crash Bandicoot series was to the Playstation what Mario was to the Nintendo systems. In an era where most platformers focused collecting stuff, the series was all about fast-paced, action-packed gameplay. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped was not only the best in the series but also one of the best Greatest Hits titles for the Playstation.

9. Tekken 3
Publisher: Namco, Developer: Namco, Release Date: April 29, 1998, ESRB Rating: T
For its time, Tekken 3 was the most revolutionary 3D fighter ever created. Even today, many gamers still consider Tekken 3 as the best in the series. In addition to the intense fighting, Tekken 3 also offers great graphics and robust modes. Without a doubt, this Greatest Hits title is the best fighter on Playstation.

8. Ape Escape
Publisher: SCEA, Developer: SCEI, Release Date: May 31, 1999, ESRB Rating: E
Requiring a Dual Shock controller, Ape Escape took full advantage of the controller’s capabilities like no other games before (and after, as a matter of act). The innovative controls coupled with the ingenious concept of using various creative gadgets to capture monkeys make Ape Escape one of the most innovative and freshest Playstation games.

7. Gran Turismo 2
Publisher: SCEA, Developer: Polyphony Digital, Release Date: November 30, 1999, ESRB Rating: E
The original Gran Turismo set the standard for a racing simulator; Gran Turismo 2 not only managed to surpass the original, but it also took the racing genre to a whole other level. Packed with unprecedented content along with incredible attention to detail and ultra realistic handling, Gran Turismo 2 was by far the best racing for the Playstation.

6. Resident Evil 2
Publisher: Capcom, Developer: Capcom, Release Date: December 31, 1997, ESRB Rating: M
Arguably the best game in the series, Resident Evil 2 set the precedent for action and survival horror games alike. The intense action coupled with jump-out-of-your-seat scary moments makes Resident Evil 2 a thrill to play from beginning to end. Although the game is a little short, it is highly replayable with two playable characters and branching storylines.

5. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Publisher: Konami, Developer: Konami, Release Date: October 2, 1997, ESRB Rating: T
The best game in the classic Castlevania franchise, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night made sure that 2D games are here to stay despite the arrival of 3D. With non-linear gameplay and RPG elements, firsts for the long-running franchise, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is an old school classic that all gamers should appreciate.

4. Silent Hill
Publisher: KCET, Developer: Konami, Release Date: January 31, 1999, ESRB Rating: M
One of the scariest games of all time, Silent Hill took the survival horror genre to the next level with eerie atmosphere (which had become the series’ trademark) and compelling storytelling. Venturing through the abandoned town of Silent Hill, this Greatest Hits title is a haunting yet unforgettable experience that no Playstation gamers should miss.

3. Final Fantasy Tactics
Publisher: SCEA, Developer: Square Enix, Release Date: January 28, 1998, ESRB Rating: T
Although is not a main game from the series, Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the best games with and without the name of “Final Fantasy.” Featuring a limitless job system, this turn-based strategy game is as deep as they come. With an intriguing story and great music, Final Fantasy Tactics is easily one of the best Greatest Hits titles for the Playstation.

2. Final Fantasy VII
Publisher: SCEA, Developer: Square Enix, Release Date: September 3, 1997, ESRB Rating: T
Although any of the three main Final Fantasy games could have been on the list, Final Fantasy VII had the most impact on the gaming industry. Featuring cinematic graphics and memorable music, Final Fantasy VII completely evolved the RPG genre. Not to mention that it plays great too with the patented Active Time Battle system the series is known for. One of the greatest RPGs of all time, Final Fantasy VII should be in every Playstation owner collection.

1. Metal Gear Solid
Publisher: KCEJ, Developer: Konami, Release Date: September 30, 1998, ESRB Rating: M
There is no better game to represent the Playstation than Metal Gear Solid. It was the game that really legitimized videogames as a real contender against other entertainment industries like movies and television. In fact, the story of Metal Gear Solid stacks up well against the ones in Hollywood. Additionally, the voice acting is still also among the finest in the gaming industry today. Without a doubt, Metal Gear Solid still remains one of the most cinematic games ever created. Gameplay wise, Metal Gear Solid set the precedent for the stealth and action genre with its innovative gameplay and incredible boss battles. With outstanding production value and great gameplay, Metal Gear Solid is the best Greatest Hits game for the Playstation.

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