The weapons that make the Bullet Force a game worth playing

Since the inception of video games, there have been plenty of shooter games. Among which few experiences were etched in our lives while the rest just disappeared as time passed by. With so many new games coming up, the best ones either were flag shipped or forgotten in the debris. However, when the Bullet Force was released, very few had thought that this game would make a mark without and high-end backing. With different modes and weapons at its behest, this game is worth the time for gamers to spend on. Which is why, instead of beating around the bush, we have brought together all the weapons that make a good day to kill in the Bullet Force video game.

The following list has the details about the weapons of the game Bullet Force.

It is an Assault Rifle, which is the starting weapon for a primary character.


It is an excellent SMG (Sub-machine gun) and excels in interrupting One Versus One as a decisive flanking weapon in the game and costs up to 115,000 Credits.


It is a silver SMG (Sub-machine gun) that excels in breaching rooms and clearing the corners. It has a high accuracy rate, hip fire, and stability among a lot of submachine guns.


It is another submachine gun with a high accuracy in causing damage and has a high rate of fire. It costs up to 1100 gold (15 dollars).


It is a silver assault rifle and is strongest at eliminating the enemies in close range for its high damage rate. It costs 180,000 silver.


It is a bullpupstyled assault rifle, designed and manufactured in France in real. This gun is imitated in the game and is a premium weapon for sale in 15,000 Credits.


It deals with moderate damage at a four shot kill to the head. This gun costs 30,000 Credits.


This assault rifle is very special and can be bough for 185,000 Credits. It has the best damage ratio and requires a threeshot kill to center mass, and one shot to the head.


The SC AR-H is a seldomused weapon and can be bought for around 15,000 Credits.

870 MCS

It is a modern, combat shotgun and can be bought for 90,000 Credits. It deals a good amount of damage.


The Saiga 12k is another one of those Assault rifles that do well as a killing machine for its high accuracy.

MG 4

This weapon is mainly used for flushing out the enemies from the spawn camps. It can be unlocked with a huge amount of silver.

RPG- 7V2

This assault rifle is a direct upgrade of the M320 HE. It is fantastic for blowing things up.


It is a silver, sniper rifle that is suitable for medium to long range shooting with a high damage ratio. It costs 105,000 silver.


This gun holds 8 rounds in each of its magazine and slow fires at 50 RPM. It can be bought with 220,000 Credits.

Well, this list has the details about the weapons at one’s avail in the game. There are various Bullet force tools that allow you to hack bullet force for coins in order to unlock these weapons. Play hard and kill to score well.

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