PS2 Games to Watch Out For: Chulip

The era of the Playstation 2 is over. It has kicked the bucket. It has ceased to be, so why am I writing an article about a PS2 game that you have more than likely never even heard of? Well, if you, like me, aren’t always satisfied with newer games and continually hunt down strange and rare games; well let this serve as a warning.
Chulip is a dating simulator of sorts developed by Punchline and produced by Natsume. Any Harvest Moon fan will instantly recognize that last name, for those of you that don’t: Natsume has created the most popular dating/farming simulators ever. The Harvest Moon games are filled with strange, yet lovable characters, romance options, and a farm to cultivate into a success. Chulip, should be the same, right? Wrong.

Chulip takes place in Long Life Town, a strange place that looks darker and grubbier than most towns in Harvest Moon. Long Life Town is inhabited with strange and deformed looking characters that matche the game’s strange concept and art style.

So, I know what you’re thinking. What could possibly be so strange about this games concept? It’s produced by a game company that makes farming simulators. Well, Chulip is not a farming simulator. In fact, I can’t really tell what this game is supposed to be simulating. The whole point of this game is to kiss as many people as you can in order to impress your dream girl. You level up, gain health, and earn money by kissing people.

Sure, strangeness can be forgiven if the game is fun right? Well, it’s not. Chulip is tedious to play. The controls aren’t all that great and you are given no in game help or direction. In order to know where to go, you’re going to need to find an online walkthrough or use the game’s manual, but even it gets a few puzzles wrong and only gives vague ideas on how to woo the town’s residences.

This in itself is another problem. Citizens of Long Life Town can only be kissed at certain times and by doing certain actions. This brief time window occurs whenever you see hearts floating above that citizen’s head. However, if they aren’t ready or if you hit triangle a little late, they will slap you causing an insane amount of damage.

This is a big problem because save points are rare and healing items are either bought or obtained through dumpster diving, the latter of which can actually hurt you. Obtaining money is also a pain. You get two options: kissing and selling things. Both can be hazardous to your health and most items don’t sell for much.

This game offers nothing. So even if you like strange games, this is not one you want. Ignore the cheap prices and strange, but intriguing graphic style. This is not a game you want. Run away from this game and run fast.

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