Only one winner in Free Fire Battlegrounds

The most interesting feature of the game Free Fire Battlegrounds is that the winner need not share his achievement with anyone else. There is a second or third. Just one winner, that gives a great satisfaction to the winner. This game is a real battle of 3rd person shoots out. Free Fire Battlegrounds is a tremendous endeavor by 11Dots Studio. For the last few years, the owner of Android mobile and IOS platforms have been playing this game with great enthusiasm. The most striking feature of the game is a continuous effort of the developers to make this game more and more attractive and interesting.

No other way but to kill all opponents

The game begins with all the players waiting for the countdown as the other joining in. The game starts when the count reaches 50 players. Then the players start jumping out of the plane with the help of a parachute. All the competitors who are eventually fighters drop down to an abandoned island. Reaching island their only aim is to kill each and every other opponent until the fighter remains as the only survivor of the island. The last survivor is eventually the worthy winner of the game Free Fire Battlegrounds. A tremendous battle ends when there is no other opponent for the last survivor. All the players can select their starting point wherever they want on the island, but ultimately there is an escape from facing the opponents and fighting for survival.

If you don’t find others find

The only purpose of the game is to collect weapons and search out opponents and slay them down. If anyone tries to hide and avoid fighting, then it’s a big mistake. Others will definitely find and kill. The game is designed with a very interesting feature that as the game proceeds the area of the battleground will get smaller and smaller with a progressive rate. Ultimately a time will come when the players would not be able to run. So there is no single second to waste but to keep on fighting with the highest skill and promptness. The players need to manage the time wisely. To eliminate other components, wise strategies are the basic requirement which one develops with regular long playing schedules. Winning a game rewards you with currency which you can use to improve your character’s look (skins, etc), you can also use a free fire battlegrounds hack for this same reason.

Plenty of advanced weapons and attachments

The game facilitates each player with the availability of numerous arms and attachments. The players need to pick up these arms and attachments when they are moving on their way. But the player must ensure that there is no one waiting nearby who can shoot and kill. On every corner throughout the whole game death is lurking. Another thing one must keep in mind is that never try to make the collection of arms and attachments. If the fighter is overburdened with arms, then instead of any advantage the collection will be a great difficulty. At the realtime, while making a choice for the particular arm the fighter can perish on a bullet from any opponent.

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