The weapons that make the Bullet Force a game worth playing

Since the inception of video games, there have been plenty of shooter games. Among which few experiences were etched in our lives while the rest just disappeared as time passed by. With so many new games coming up, the best ones either were flag shipped or forgotten in the debris. However, when the Bullet Force was released, very few had thought that this game would make a mark without and high-end backing. With different modes and weapons at its behest, this game is worth the time for gamers to spend on. Which is why, instead of beating around the bush, we have brought together all the weapons that make a good day to kill in the Bullet Force video game.

The following list has the details about the weapons of the game Bullet Force.

It is an Assault Rifle, which is the starting weapon for a primary character.


It is an excellent SMG (Sub-machine gun) and excels in interrupting One Versus One as a decisive flanking weapon in the game and costs up to 115,000 Credits.


It is a silver SMG (Sub-machine gun) that excels in breaching rooms and clearing the corners. It has a high accuracy rate, hip fire, and stability among a lot of submachine guns.


It is another submachine gun with a high accuracy in causing damage and has a high rate of fire. It costs up to 1100 gold (15 dollars).


It is a silver assault rifle and is strongest at eliminating the enemies in close range for its high damage rate. It costs 180,000 silver.


It is a bullpupstyled assault rifle, designed and manufactured in France in real. This gun is imitated in the game and is a premium weapon for sale in 15,000 Credits.


It deals with moderate damage at a four shot kill to the head. This gun costs 30,000 Credits.


This assault rifle is very special and can be bough for 185,000 Credits. It has the best damage ratio and requires a threeshot kill to center mass, and one shot to the head.


The SC AR-H is a seldomused weapon and can be bought for around 15,000 Credits.

870 MCS

It is a modern, combat shotgun and can be bought for 90,000 Credits. It deals a good amount of damage.


The Saiga 12k is another one of those Assault rifles that do well as a killing machine for its high accuracy.

MG 4

This weapon is mainly used for flushing out the enemies from the spawn camps. It can be unlocked with a huge amount of silver.

RPG- 7V2

This assault rifle is a direct upgrade of the M320 HE. It is fantastic for blowing things up.


It is a silver, sniper rifle that is suitable for medium to long range shooting with a high damage ratio. It costs 105,000 silver.


This gun holds 8 rounds in each of its magazine and slow fires at 50 RPM. It can be bought with 220,000 Credits.

Well, this list has the details about the weapons at one’s avail in the game. There are various Bullet force tools that allow you to hack bullet force for coins in order to unlock these weapons. Play hard and kill to score well.

Only one winner in Free Fire Battlegrounds

The most interesting feature of the game Free Fire Battlegrounds is that the winner need not share his achievement with anyone else. There is a second or third. Just one winner, that gives a great satisfaction to the winner. This game is a real battle of 3rd person shoots out. Free Fire Battlegrounds is a tremendous endeavor by 11Dots Studio. For the last few years, the owner of Android mobile and IOS platforms have been playing this game with great enthusiasm. The most striking feature of the game is a continuous effort of the developers to make this game more and more attractive and interesting.

No other way but to kill all opponents

The game begins with all the players waiting for the countdown as the other joining in. The game starts when the count reaches 50 players. Then the players start jumping out of the plane with the help of a parachute. All the competitors who are eventually fighters drop down to an abandoned island. Reaching island their only aim is to kill each and every other opponent until the fighter remains as the only survivor of the island. The last survivor is eventually the worthy winner of the game Free Fire Battlegrounds. A tremendous battle ends when there is no other opponent for the last survivor. All the players can select their starting point wherever they want on the island, but ultimately there is an escape from facing the opponents and fighting for survival.

If you don’t find others find

The only purpose of the game is to collect weapons and search out opponents and slay them down. If anyone tries to hide and avoid fighting, then it’s a big mistake. Others will definitely find and kill. The game is designed with a very interesting feature that as the game proceeds the area of the battleground will get smaller and smaller with a progressive rate. Ultimately a time will come when the players would not be able to run. So there is no single second to waste but to keep on fighting with the highest skill and promptness. The players need to manage the time wisely. To eliminate other components, wise strategies are the basic requirement which one develops with regular long playing schedules. Winning a game rewards you with currency which you can use to improve your character’s look (skins, etc), you can also use a free fire battlegrounds hack for this same reason.

Plenty of advanced weapons and attachments

The game facilitates each player with the availability of numerous arms and attachments. The players need to pick up these arms and attachments when they are moving on their way. But the player must ensure that there is no one waiting nearby who can shoot and kill. On every corner throughout the whole game death is lurking. Another thing one must keep in mind is that never try to make the collection of arms and attachments. If the fighter is overburdened with arms, then instead of any advantage the collection will be a great difficulty. At the realtime, while making a choice for the particular arm the fighter can perish on a bullet from any opponent.

Growtopia is a fantastic mobile game for all ages

Generally, most of the games can be categorized for a particular age group. But you can never categorize Growtopia under one age group. The game, Growtopia, is loved by almost all. From the toddler to the most experienced person who is in his eighties. The game has earned a huge acceptance from all the ages all over the world. In a very short span of time, it is popularized in the world of Smartphones. It is observed that the online facility available to play the game has convinced an individual to play the game for long hours.

Basic tendency to outsmart others grows with the practice

In an online game, every single individual tries hard to outsmart the other gamers and this game is no exception. There is one group who will enjoy his own playing ability. The other group would always try to smash down the other competitors. Players in the passage of time slowly become greedy of his position and for this try out different hacks and cheats. Most of the gamers think, in an honest way perhaps reaching the top is not possible. Here the gamer needs to judge the reality of any hack or cheat before giving away real money. All the sources claim their authenticity but most of them make the game more vulnerable. But a genuine source can enrich your reserve by game currencies and extras. The real growtopia hack gems can really take you to the highest level of the game with the unlimited currencies.

Proper gems farming empowers the gamer of Growtopia

The basic objective of Growtopia is concerned with the gems farming. There is no definite way by which the gamer can engage in gems farming. In various ways, it can be done. In the process of gems farming, you enjoy the ga ame more and you understand the purpose of the game. Generally, the farming is somewhat a tedious job and because of its slowness, you may get tired in farming. But you can find an effective way of gems farming and the game become interesting. Basically, you need to see the different option available in the game.

Gaming suffers because of the same repetitive mistake

Avoid repeating the same sequence as a normal player would do. The masters of the game always try out different ways for a particular purpose. Even if they are successful in one particular way, they would try some other method which would take lesser time and pour in more gems. A lot of suggestions comes out regularly on the YouTube. So if you are really interested in Growtopia then you should make a habit of watching these tutorials on YouTube.

Gems are the only resource to get various items

Growtopia is inundated with a huge number of items. But acquiring these items requires proportionately a good amount of gems. Without gems, you cannot get these items. For this, you need to arrange sufficient amount of gems. You need to remember that running the successfully requires enough gems and rewards otherwise you cannot continue the game and entertain yourself in creating something new.

How to Use and Counter the Executioner

In Clash Royale, the executioner throws his axe and it comes back like a boomerang. This guy does 140 damage as he throws his axe and another 140 damage as his axe comes back. He has less health than a bowler and has about the same health as an Ice Golem. He can do up to a 1000 damage to a tower.

How to Hack Clash Royale

He makes quick work of swarm units and eliminates them with one throw. It is a good strategy to use an Executioner with a giant or another tank. This prevents you opponent from being able to defend their tower. The Executioner resets the attacks of small units like the Mini Pekka, Hog Rider or Musketeer. You need to, however, time it well or else if these units are attacking a tower the outcome will be the same. The Executioner can take down a balloon with the help of a tower, but not without the balloon landing on the tower. You’re going to need either a fireball or rocket when the balloon is with a tank in order to get rid of it with an executioner. That’s how unique the cards are in Clash Royale.

How to Counter the Executioner

If the Executioner is alone then the barbarians will be enough to take him down, but they lose almost half their health. You can also use the ice wizard to take down the Executioner; even though he does not survive you still have a positive Elixir trade. The Mini Pekka can also take down the executioner with two hits and you get another positive Elixir trade. The best way to deal with the Executioner, perhaps, is to distract him with an Ice Golem as the tower takes him out. You can also distract the Executioner with a building as the tower deals with him and as the building also does damage to him. It’s interesting how different combinations of cards are used in ways that they were not originally intended in Clash Royale.

What is Hay day and why you must play this game at least once!

The world of mobile gaming is advancing each day at an incredible speed. Individuals today have got an unlimited variety of games to play with ease. Moreover, the instructions provided help the beginners to get on peak within no time. Hay day is one of those games which have completely changed the genres of games prevailing in the world. Earlier where fighting games were on the peak, today such immersive games like hay day has gained the highest level of popularity. This game is usually compared with Farmville that is also farm based game; however, both largely differ from one another, especially if you use

Why play hay day?

To all those individuals who are tired of their day to day routine and want something interesting to do, hay day is a perfect platform for them. This game was initially launched for the iOS device users, however, with the increased popularity; the game was also launched for the Android platform. The game lightens your mood with its various levels that involves your complete mind and provides relaxation. Such games are largely preferred over the ones which feature violence, as people wish to involve their time in something entertaining and useful at the same time.
What are the various things that you are supposed to undertake in this game?

There are uncountable things that the player has to perform within the world of this game. It is a farm-based game where you as a player have to take care of the overall operations that take place within the farm. The owner of this farm will be an uncle who will hand over the land to you. Now you are supposed to undertake the following activities in it-

⦁ You have to cultivate your farm with various crops like wheat and other products
⦁ Now you are supposed to trade these crops and all the other fresh goods with your friends, neighbors and at the roadside shop as well
⦁ Now you have to fulfill all the available order through steamboat or truck
⦁ Gain more resources at the course of your game which includes coins, diamonds and experience points as well
⦁ The game is available for free download on iPad, iPhone and in all the android devices.

Why is the game recommended?

Hay day is one of the most successful games ever released by the team of Supercell. It is not only advanced, but it has got amazing tools that let you enjoy a real experience in such an incredible virtual platform. You can play it for the-
⦁ Twisted plot- the plot is really amazing where you just have to perform all agricultural tasks along with gaining more points at each level. As you keep on advancing the game also lets you learn the basics of fishing, and you will get a real-life experience with such a game.
⦁ A new genre- in the world full of such gamed which include high paced killing and violence, this kind of games not only enhance your internet in a peaceful genre, but they also let you gain immense knowledge, they are fast paced, attractive and challenging at the same time.
⦁ Boost up your ranking- a lot of you might be interested in LAN gaming or online gaming. With the help of such games, you can easily increase your ranking and performance over the online platform. In fact, you can earn more profit in the form of resources and can gain immense benefits at every stage.
Thus, people, who are willing to find some time for themselves and enjoy their weekend, the best way o do it is through playing hay day.

Top 5 Playstation Greatest Hits

Sony’s first console, the Playstation was one of the best selling videogame systems of all-time. Accordingly, the Playstation was home to some of the greatest games ever created. The games that sold well were repackaged with the “Greatest Hits” label and sold at a discounted price. Here are the top ten Greatest Hits games for the Playstation.

10. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
Publisher: SCEA, Developer: Naughty Dog, Release Date: October 31, 1998, ESRB Rating: E
The Crash Bandicoot series was to the Playstation what Mario was to the Nintendo systems. In an era where most platformers focused collecting stuff, the series was all about fast-paced, action-packed gameplay. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped was not only the best in the series but also one of the best Greatest Hits titles for the Playstation.

9. Tekken 3
Publisher: Namco, Developer: Namco, Release Date: April 29, 1998, ESRB Rating: T
For its time, Tekken 3 was the most revolutionary 3D fighter ever created. Even today, many gamers still consider Tekken 3 as the best in the series. In addition to the intense fighting, Tekken 3 also offers great graphics and robust modes. Without a doubt, this Greatest Hits title is the best fighter on Playstation.

8. Ape Escape
Publisher: SCEA, Developer: SCEI, Release Date: May 31, 1999, ESRB Rating: E
Requiring a Dual Shock controller, Ape Escape took full advantage of the controller’s capabilities like no other games before (and after, as a matter of act). The innovative controls coupled with the ingenious concept of using various creative gadgets to capture monkeys make Ape Escape one of the most innovative and freshest Playstation games.

7. Gran Turismo 2
Publisher: SCEA, Developer: Polyphony Digital, Release Date: November 30, 1999, ESRB Rating: E
The original Gran Turismo set the standard for a racing simulator; Gran Turismo 2 not only managed to surpass the original, but it also took the racing genre to a whole other level. Packed with unprecedented content along with incredible attention to detail and ultra realistic handling, Gran Turismo 2 was by far the best racing for the Playstation.

6. Resident Evil 2
Publisher: Capcom, Developer: Capcom, Release Date: December 31, 1997, ESRB Rating: M
Arguably the best game in the series, Resident Evil 2 set the precedent for action and survival horror games alike. The intense action coupled with jump-out-of-your-seat scary moments makes Resident Evil 2 a thrill to play from beginning to end. Although the game is a little short, it is highly replayable with two playable characters and branching storylines.

5. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Publisher: Konami, Developer: Konami, Release Date: October 2, 1997, ESRB Rating: T
The best game in the classic Castlevania franchise, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night made sure that 2D games are here to stay despite the arrival of 3D. With non-linear gameplay and RPG elements, firsts for the long-running franchise, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is an old school classic that all gamers should appreciate.

4. Silent Hill
Publisher: KCET, Developer: Konami, Release Date: January 31, 1999, ESRB Rating: M
One of the scariest games of all time, Silent Hill took the survival horror genre to the next level with eerie atmosphere (which had become the series’ trademark) and compelling storytelling. Venturing through the abandoned town of Silent Hill, this Greatest Hits title is a haunting yet unforgettable experience that no Playstation gamers should miss.

3. Final Fantasy Tactics
Publisher: SCEA, Developer: Square Enix, Release Date: January 28, 1998, ESRB Rating: T
Although is not a main game from the series, Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the best games with and without the name of “Final Fantasy.” Featuring a limitless job system, this turn-based strategy game is as deep as they come. With an intriguing story and great music, Final Fantasy Tactics is easily one of the best Greatest Hits titles for the Playstation.

2. Final Fantasy VII
Publisher: SCEA, Developer: Square Enix, Release Date: September 3, 1997, ESRB Rating: T
Although any of the three main Final Fantasy games could have been on the list, Final Fantasy VII had the most impact on the gaming industry. Featuring cinematic graphics and memorable music, Final Fantasy VII completely evolved the RPG genre. Not to mention that it plays great too with the patented Active Time Battle system the series is known for. One of the greatest RPGs of all time, Final Fantasy VII should be in every Playstation owner collection.

1. Metal Gear Solid
Publisher: KCEJ, Developer: Konami, Release Date: September 30, 1998, ESRB Rating: M
There is no better game to represent the Playstation than Metal Gear Solid. It was the game that really legitimized videogames as a real contender against other entertainment industries like movies and television. In fact, the story of Metal Gear Solid stacks up well against the ones in Hollywood. Additionally, the voice acting is still also among the finest in the gaming industry today. Without a doubt, Metal Gear Solid still remains one of the most cinematic games ever created. Gameplay wise, Metal Gear Solid set the precedent for the stealth and action genre with its innovative gameplay and incredible boss battles. With outstanding production value and great gameplay, Metal Gear Solid is the best Greatest Hits game for the Playstation.

The Top Features in Injustice 2

Hack tools are incredible, isn’t it? They are designed with a purpose to cheat highly popular games and generate the much-required resources for the needy players. Even here we are looking to describe Injustice 2 Hack that has become the talking point of discussion for countless players worldwide. This particular online generator will get you virtual currencies of the game Injustice 2 in quick time and that too without putting any pressure on your pocket. Yes, still there are many individuals who would like to stick with outdated and traditional gaming methods like following of tips and tricks. Well, they need to understand, competition is stiff and in order to emerge the winner in Injustice 2 game they must use the quality online generator. The one mentioned here is simply best in the business and highly appreciated by the gaming experts. This particular online generator has many quality features to offer so just check them out.

Important Features of Injustice 2 Hack

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The number of coins you get depends on you because the value you will enter, you will get it. The limit of getting coins is 10M. You can’t get more than this and the same number of gems and SIM. You can use this tool 2 times a day so always enter the maximum value of coins to get and use it wisely. The more you will use this for buying Chests and using them for getting XP the more you will spend. So spend according to your balance. Let us come back to the topic of features, the other most loved feature is that you don’t have to download this tool so that you can use this online. This protects your PC from getting full of viruses. The is the best way to play this game wisely and without even a problem. You can shock your friends by showing them the collection of players you win purchased through these gems.

Using Injustice 2 Hack

You can use injustice 2 hack just by following the site link. Open the website and fill up your username in the empty column and choose your device. Check your username twice because if you entered the wrong username then you won’t get anything. Be sure while entering a number of coins you needed. Also, think about gems you want otherwise you have to get them by repeating all the process again so don’t be too fast while doing this and the reason for doing this process with patience is you complete a human verification test which takes some time. This process will irritate you for the next time so keep calm and choose wisely.

This is the all about Injustice 2 game. You may be wondering that if these tools work for PC games or console or not then be happy because these tools also work for every platform game. You just have to choose the username which you are using on the gaming platform and then choose your gaming network like if you are playing this game on ps4 then choose Playstation network. And the other process is same for every device. Keep on playing and enjoying because there is nothing much better than playing games. These take you away from the seriousness, work, and tensions to relax you.

Many people don’t want to get injustice 2 free gems but the problem is not with them. The actual thing is they are the good player of this game and most of the time they keep on playing which made their mind to not using this tool. Well, everyone is right on his own place so if you are using this don’t think that you are doing something wrong.

PS2 Games to Watch Out For: Chulip

The era of the Playstation 2 is over. It has kicked the bucket. It has ceased to be, so why am I writing an article about a PS2 game that you have more than likely never even heard of? Well, if you, like me, aren’t always satisfied with newer games and continually hunt down strange and rare games; well let this serve as a warning.
Chulip is a dating simulator of sorts developed by Punchline and produced by Natsume. Any Harvest Moon fan will instantly recognize that last name, for those of you that don’t: Natsume has created the most popular dating/farming simulators ever. The Harvest Moon games are filled with strange, yet lovable characters, romance options, and a farm to cultivate into a success. Chulip, should be the same, right? Wrong.

Chulip takes place in Long Life Town, a strange place that looks darker and grubbier than most towns in Harvest Moon. Long Life Town is inhabited with strange and deformed looking characters that matche the game’s strange concept and art style.

So, I know what you’re thinking. What could possibly be so strange about this games concept? It’s produced by a game company that makes farming simulators. Well, Chulip is not a farming simulator. In fact, I can’t really tell what this game is supposed to be simulating. The whole point of this game is to kiss as many people as you can in order to impress your dream girl. You level up, gain health, and earn money by kissing people.

Sure, strangeness can be forgiven if the game is fun right? Well, it’s not. Chulip is tedious to play. The controls aren’t all that great and you are given no in game help or direction. In order to know where to go, you’re going to need to find an online walkthrough or use the game’s manual, but even it gets a few puzzles wrong and only gives vague ideas on how to woo the town’s residences.

This in itself is another problem. Citizens of Long Life Town can only be kissed at certain times and by doing certain actions. This brief time window occurs whenever you see hearts floating above that citizen’s head. However, if they aren’t ready or if you hit triangle a little late, they will slap you causing an insane amount of damage.

This is a big problem because save points are rare and healing items are either bought or obtained through dumpster diving, the latter of which can actually hurt you. Obtaining money is also a pain. You get two options: kissing and selling things. Both can be hazardous to your health and most items don’t sell for much.

This game offers nothing. So even if you like strange games, this is not one you want. Ignore the cheap prices and strange, but intriguing graphic style. This is not a game you want. Run away from this game and run fast.

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links’ Storyline

The duel links features the characters from the yu-gi-oh duel monster anime. The visual reality is created by the Seto Kaiba in the name of the “Duel World” and the player need to collect the optimum duelists so that they can fight with the other games developers. The players of this game have the option to play as either Seto Kaiba or Yami Yugi. As the players continue to win the duels then they can unlock the other characters including the character the player did not choose at the beginning of the game. The game uses the original rules of the trading card game with the few modifications. Players have the following. They are.

  • 4000 Life points
  • Main phase 2 is removed in the game
  • Number of monsters is there and the sell places are reduced
  • The characters present in the game have their own skills which will affects the game in different manner

At the early stage of the yu-gi-oh duel monsters anime they released the card sets. As the player wins the duels they get the level up and they receives the variety of rewards including the coins, gems, stones and the new cards. The players can exchange the coins and stones for getting the new cards through the card trader, while they can use the gems in the store for purchasing the new card packs. It also has the tool named yu-gi-oh Duel Links hack where you can download the unlimited gems and the coins for purchasing the rate cards and for unlocking the character.

The yu-gi-oh game also includes the PvP mode where the players can duel with the real time with the friends and as well as they can participate in the random matches with the players around the world. The special events will be occurring only for the limited amount of time providing you the variety of opportunities to win the rate cards. Such first event was the appearance of the yugi muto who provided the opportunity to win the rare cards like gandora, the destruction of dragon. The upcoming task was the toon world with the prospect to unlock Maximilian Pegasus and its giants. On the other hand the toon world experience was delayed due to the some issues on the server.

Online Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Hack generator

The website works perfectly on the all android and ios mobile phones because of its friendly scripts and the exploit system and this tool is coming with the anti-ban system which will help you a lot in the hacking process.  You can also try the yu-gi-oh Duel Links hack cheats for any guide regard winning the rate cards. The following are the some of the features of the yu-gi-oh Duel Links hack.

  • Can generated the unlimited coins
  • You no need to download or install any programs or software
  • It updates system automatically
  • The tool is tested and undetectable.
  • This tool is very simple to use and it has a user friendly interface.
  • No download is needed and the tool is accessible for 24/7.
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  • The tool is supported in all the mobile devices like ios, android, including the ipad, iphone, and the mini ipod and the touch ipod.

By using the yu-gi-oh Duel Links hack tool the players can generate the free card packs, coins and the gems by giving your username of the yu-gi-oh Duel Links account. After that you must specify that how much of gems and thee coins you need and then click the generate button and when you login into your account you will be having the generated resources which can be used in the game. This online generator tool is of 100% compatible with all Smartphone.

Batman Begins (Xbox)

Let me first begin by saying that I am a huge Batman fan. I’ve been worshiping the caped crusader ever since I was a kid running around in gray and blue underoos, with the bat logo on my chest, and a batarang that I made out of cardboard and scotch tape.

I’ve seen the black mask worn by actors named West, Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney and now Bale.

I loved the new Batman Begins movie directed by Christopher Nolan. It is definitely the best Batman film ever made, and has opened up a new window for telling the Dark Knight’s story, as well as selling a lot of Bat-merchandise.

EA Games has just released a virtual adventure tie-in for the movie, appropriately titled BATMAN BEGINS, for the X-Box, PS2, and Gamecube. I just finished playing the X-Box version, and though it’s not the greatest game, it is the best Batman video game to date. Unlike his costumed partners in fighting crime, Batman has always been jinxed in the video game world. Every other Batman game before it has fallen flat, making even the Dark Knight himself feel defeated. But this has to be the most ambitious entry, glowing with bells and whistles, but very little thrills.

The game attempts to follow the storyline of the movie, and includes the voice talents of stars Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, Michael Caine, Katie Holmes and Morgan Freeman. Clips from the movie are also inserted into the game to move the story along. ( I recommend that you see the movie before playing to game if you don’t want anything spoiled for you).

Graphically, the game looks beautiful, displaying detailed backdrops of Gotham City’s gritty streets, dark alleys, gang infested piers, the creepy Arkham Asylum, and of course stately Wayne Manor.

In many ways the game plays like a watered down version of Splinter Cell, with Batman taking the role of Same Fisher. Stealth style, Batman hides in the shadows watching his prey, and then at the right moment he steps behind them and POW!!! The game also uses a fear feature, allowing Batman to use various scare tactics, which causes thugs to become so afraid, that he can just swoop down and take them out easily.

Having more cool toys than James Bond, Batman uses a variety of gizmos such as batarangs, flash bombs, grappling gun, and his super-fly cape. Batman can use his cape to silently glide from rooftop to rooftop, out of the view of thugs, which is one of the most satisfying features of the game. The dark one is also given his pimped-out Batmobile, where you can race through the streets of Gotham causing total destruction. Because this game is made by EA, who also put out the superb BURNOUT 3, these driving levels feel like an unpolished version of the take-down mode featured in that game. The driving level is simple and totally missing the cool factor it should have had.

Besides nameless goons, Batman also has to fight a variety of villains such as Ra’s Al Ghul, the Scarecrow, and the evil Henri Ducard. But there’s nothing challenging about these boss battles. You simply kick and punch your opponent until he falls down. (Yawn.)

The major problem with the game is that it is so linear. You basically just keep moving from point A to Z, and never get the chance to color outside of the line. You have to do everything the way the game wants you to without options. It would have been nice to simply slam a thug in the head with my batarang, instead of climbing all the way up a building, jumping over to another rooftop, and knocking over a scaffolding, just to get him. Variety in defeating your foes would have raised the stakes for this game in every way.

The game is also very short. You can easily knock this one out in about six hours. Finishing the game unlocks certain special features, such as interviews with the film’s cast and the game’s designers. You can also open up a Batmobile mini-game, or have the option of replaying the game with Batman wearing either his classic comic book costume or the Dark Knight gear.

Yes, there were a couple of moments when I did have fun playing the game, but the repetition, linear aspects, and weak Batmobile mode left me feeling cold. As far as movie based games go, the goods are delivered, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Maybe the next Batman game will be the killer app all of us Bat-fans have been dreaming about. Let’s pray.

To the Batpoles!

Graphics: 8
Sound: 7
Gameplay: 5
Cool Factor : Cape gliding
Let Down: No Batcave

Overall Score: 6.5 (out of ten)