How to Use and Counter the Executioner

In Clash Royale, the executioner throws his axe and it comes back like a boomerang. This guy does 140 damage as he throws his axe and another 140 damage as his axe comes back. He has less health than a bowler and has about the same health as an Ice Golem. He can do up to a 1000 damage to a tower.

How to Hack Clash Royale

He makes quick work of swarm units and eliminates them with one throw. It is a good strategy to use an Executioner with a giant or another tank. This prevents you opponent from being able to defend their tower. The Executioner resets the attacks of small units like the Mini Pekka, Hog Rider or Musketeer. You need to, however, time it well or else if these units are attacking a tower the outcome will be the same. The Executioner can take down a balloon with the help of a tower, but not without the balloon landing on the tower. You’re going to need either a fireball or rocket when the balloon is with a tank in order to get rid of it with an executioner. That’s how unique the cards are in Clash Royale.

How to Counter the Executioner

If the Executioner is alone then the barbarians will be enough to take him down, but they lose almost half their health. You can also use the ice wizard to take down the Executioner; even though he does not survive you still have a positive Elixir trade. The Mini Pekka can also take down the executioner with two hits and you get another positive Elixir trade. The best way to deal with the Executioner, perhaps, is to distract him with an Ice Golem as the tower takes him out. You can also distract the Executioner with a building as the tower deals with him and as the building also does damage to him. It’s interesting how different combinations of cards are used in ways that they were not originally intended in Clash Royale.

What is Hay day and why you must play this game at least once!

The world of mobile gaming is advancing each day at an incredible speed. Individuals today have got an unlimited variety of games to play with ease. Moreover, the instructions provided help the beginners to get on peak within no time. Hay day is one of those games which have completely changed the genres of games prevailing in the world. Earlier where fighting games were on the peak, today such immersive games like hay day has gained the highest level of popularity. This game is usually compared with Farmville that is also farm based game; however, both largely differ from one another, especially if you use http://thehayhack.com/

Why play hay day?

To all those individuals who are tired of their day to day routine and want something interesting to do, hay day is a perfect platform for them. This game was initially launched for the iOS device users, however, with the increased popularity; the game was also launched for the Android platform. The game lightens your mood with its various levels that involves your complete mind and provides relaxation. Such games are largely preferred over the ones which feature violence, as people wish to involve their time in something entertaining and useful at the same time.
What are the various things that you are supposed to undertake in this game?

There are uncountable things that the player has to perform within the world of this game. It is a farm-based game where you as a player have to take care of the overall operations that take place within the farm. The owner of this farm will be an uncle who will hand over the land to you. Now you are supposed to undertake the following activities in it-

⦁ You have to cultivate your farm with various crops like wheat and other products
⦁ Now you are supposed to trade these crops and all the other fresh goods with your friends, neighbors and at the roadside shop as well
⦁ Now you have to fulfill all the available order through steamboat or truck
⦁ Gain more resources at the course of your game which includes coins, diamonds and experience points as well
⦁ The game is available for free download on iPad, iPhone and in all the android devices.

Why is the game recommended?

Hay day is one of the most successful games ever released by the team of Supercell. It is not only advanced, but it has got amazing tools that let you enjoy a real experience in such an incredible virtual platform. You can play it for the-
⦁ Twisted plot- the plot is really amazing where you just have to perform all agricultural tasks along with gaining more points at each level. As you keep on advancing the game also lets you learn the basics of fishing, and you will get a real-life experience with such a game.
⦁ A new genre- in the world full of such gamed which include high paced killing and violence, this kind of games not only enhance your internet in a peaceful genre, but they also let you gain immense knowledge, they are fast paced, attractive and challenging at the same time.
⦁ Boost up your ranking- a lot of you might be interested in LAN gaming or online gaming. With the help of such games, you can easily increase your ranking and performance over the online platform. In fact, you can earn more profit in the form of resources and can gain immense benefits at every stage.
Thus, people, who are willing to find some time for themselves and enjoy their weekend, the best way o do it is through playing hay day.

Portable Electronics – Do They Offer to Much Information for Our Own Good?

iPads, iPods, iPhones, Smartphones, and laptops, they all have one thing in common, they are all able to keep us connected to the world. News, sports, weather, status updates, you name it, turn on the device and it is information overload. Our dependency on these devices is at a point where I do not think society could function without them.
Information at the speed of our finger tips.

Societies need for information ‘now’ has taken over everything. Mobile devices control our lives more than you think. We have the ability to turn on a portable device and see stories, look at pictures, watch movies, check the weather, and read about our favorite sports teams, all while being in the middle of nowhere, at the office or on the beach. The choices we have are endless and I would say it is nigh on impossible to switch off, and disconnect from the world around us.

It was bad enough to come home from work only to switch on the TV and hear about the latest bad events in going on in the world, now those events follow us everywhere we go. I wonder just how much of an effect our inability to switch off is having on our health. Are we too connected for our own good?

Unable to disconnect

During a recent vacation, a time where I was supposed to disconnect, unwind and have fun, I constantly found myself reaching for the phone so that I could check out the news, email, and Facebook.

Looking around the beach it was obvious that everyone around me was having the same problem of disconnecting from the cyber world as well. It was not just on the beach though, at restaurants, on the bus, train and even in cars going by, I could see people on their smartphones.

Needless to say it was hard to relax and unwind when I was reading about the people suffering in Japan, reading about wars in far off lands, and reading about murders back home. During a time that should have been nothing but fun and a huge upper, the ability to connect to the world was depressing and a downer. Don’t get me wrong I had a great time, it was fun, but having the ability to connect and read about current events from the beach was distracting.

It’s Harder than you think

Sure, I could have left the smartphone at home or back in the hotel room, but that is easier said than done because there are some great aspects about portable technology. Not only that, I challenge you to see how long you can go without jumping on Facebook, email, or the web while you are out and about. Mobile devices have taken over everything we do; our dependence on them really is unhealthy.

Our ability to switch off from events in the world, our ability to completely unwind and relax, and our ability to be content without information at our fingertips are all taking huge hits. Could you survive without your smartphone or iPad?

Will it stop us from buying the newest iDevice? Absolutely not, people will still continue to use smartphones and portable devices everywhere they go, but maybe we should all back off just a little bit and unwind, relax, disconnect, and enjoy the simpler things in life for just a little while, it will do your mind, spirit and body a world of good.